A: I'm naturally physically strong. (I don't work out) I have a high pain threshold, I can handle being in pain.

Q: What model Taurus .357 revolver do I have and were can I find information on it?
I bought a Taurus .357 magnum revolver with a 4 inch barrel. There is no model number anywere on this gun. The only thing that I can find written on it is that it was made in Brazil and that the name of the gun seems to be Brasil. I would apriciat qany info anyone can provide.

A: On the newer models the number is stamped on the frame. You can see it when you swing the cylinder out. It's on the frame just below the barrel, covered when the cylinder is closed. You cannot see it until the cylinder is opened.

Q: How do I find out if my Ford Taurus can be locked and unlocked with a key fob?
Just bought an 04 Taurus pretty stripped down and it didnt have key fobs. Would like to buy some, but dont want to waste my money if they wont work.

A: It would be easiest to check with a Ford dealer. They can tell you if you have keyless entry or not.

Q: How do taurus men like their women to dress?
Im a cancer, and i was wondering how taurus like their women. Tom boy, a bit of skin, heels etc. Thanks.

A: very feminine. dress in something soft or silky, nice to the touch. appeal to all 5 senses. wear some really nice smelling perfume.

Q: How does Taurus men love there women to dress?
What do you like her in dresses, jeans, heel etc.. Just give example all the Taurus men get me back.

A: Well my boyfriend is a Taurus as am I, and he likes me to dress girly girl. Like feminine...he had a gf once who dressed on the gothic/punk side and it turned him off.

I usually dress girly...wearing the least revealing outfits that still show off my body by being form fitting...

Q: What is the compatibility of a sagittarius and a taurus?
Ive been with my boyfriend for almost a year. He is a sagittarius and I am a taurus. We are opposites but for the most part we both work at the relationship to be on the same page. Are we not able to last long because of this?

A: IMO, you need to look at the person and relationship. There are always ups and downs, and it's important how you work through them. However, some individuals are really into astrology, and that's a component of them that's important - something to take into consideration in that instance.

The following link has some information on the general compatibility of sagittarius and taurus.

Good luck!


Q: How to attract a taurus man by conversation?
Regardless of looks or personality. What is it in a conversation that will make taurus' pay attention/notice?

A: I'm a Taurus man myself I would say we look to see if the person is considerate of our feelings. The person must be nice to us because we are sensitive to the core. If the person is rude, or sarcastic we neglect them.

Q: What is the difference between mercury in aquarius/mercury in taurus and mercury in scorpio?
I am the aquarius mercury and I have trouble at times communicating with my mercury in taurus boyfriend. I love to chat and discuss and write long emails, but he is very much of the one word kind of guy. This new guy I like has mercury in scorpio and he is a much better communicator.

A: A mercury in Aquarius would like to communicate [ all air signs love to dialogue ] ; but a mercury in Taurus [ my husband has a mercury in Taurus ] ; no ; they are keeping their emotions for themselves ; even if hurt like [ hell ] they will not talk about it ; a mercury in Scorpio will discuss or communicate ; but there things they will never share with nobody

Q: How does a Virgo Taurus relationship work?
My boyfirend is a virgo im a female taurus. We argue alot is this becase of our signs? Are we compatible?

A: My soon to be husband is a Taurus and I'm a Virgo. I think that says it all. We fit SOOOO well together...almost like we were made for each other. We've been together for six months and have yet to have an arguement.

Virgo & Taurus
Two Earth-ruled signs which value tranquillity and discretion, they have all the ingredients for a harmonious love affair. Anxious Virgo finds reassurance in the stolid Bull, whereas the Taurean derives needed peace and energy from the Virgoan. A caress, a gaze, a gesture: each is worth a thousand words, when it comes to expressing the tenderness that binds them together. Taurus dominates, to the delight of clinging vine Virgo. "The power of harmony, and the deep power of joy..."

Q: What kind of sound system should i put in a Taurus and how?
What type of sound system should i put in a 2000 taurus?
I need a system and definitely a lot of BASS!

I don't even know how..
The radio/tape player and temperature controls are on the same face plate. How would I separate them?

Help me out with either one or both of my questions please?

A: The radio/tape player and temperature controls are on the same face plate.

8>/ if you mess with that radio you're in troub. you'll prob have to use same head unit. sometimes you cant even have an After market systems with those stupid things. go to a shop and let them look at it. then go to flebay and get 2 mtx 15"s in a sealed box and a kicker zx1500.1.


Q: How to make a taurus be his old fun self?
I want him to be interested in talking and haveing fun again!
We just got out a rut, I'm seeing him on Tuesday + Wednesday.
I want his interest an his affection and I want us to laugh together + stuff. Not sure of the best way to approach it witha taurus, advice?

A: same thing happend to my ex we use to have so much fun together then he realy changed ofter it and i can never change him to his old self again and i tried alot of ways but doesnt work i wish u lots lots of luck cuz falling in love with a taurust is not easy.....

Q: How compatible are a Taurus moon and a Sagittarius moon?
I have pretty good chemistry and feelings with this guy.. He is a Scorpio Sun/ Taurus moon. I am a Leo sun/ Sag moon. How would the relationship be and how compatible are we?

A: Chemistry is overrated. You can't have sex with this guy 24/7. Moon compatibility is important if you ever plan on living together and connecting on a deeply emotional level. I know your Leo/Scorpio suns are telling you "yes" but eventually your moons will clash.

Q: How should the relationship work out between Scorpio mother and Taurus son?
I am taurus and my mum is a scorpio. I love her so much that i can not just state in words. However i am finding difficult to interact with her its like shes under depression and she is extremely emotional. I always try to stay calm. How can i say sorry!. I mean she's had a difficult life and my main question is that how i can react to her and talk to or behave in front of her so that she like and loves me

A: You don't have to say you're sorry, she will just understand by the things you do to show her that you care.

Moms are difficult and complex the way they are so you don't need to worry about her depression. I think it is with Scorpios also the more that you probe them the harder it is for them to give you a direct answer on how to make things better. Because a Scorpio relies on others to give them emotional feedback. If she needs some space tell her she needs some space but let her know that you're always there for her.

I hope this makes sense. =]

Q: How do I turn off the Daytime Running lights on a Taurus?
I am stuck driving a nasty '06 rental Taurus while my '98 Accord is getting re-painted. I don't have the Owner's manual.

I need to find out how to turn off the daytime running lights while rolling through a security checkpoint. The only way I have found to turn them off is to apply the parking brake - but this is not possible when I need to shut them off.
Turning on the parking lights does not work with this Taurus - it may work with other cars though.

I once heard on Click'n'Clack that some GM products switched off their DRLs when the turn signals were used. However, that was a long time ago, befoer DRLs became standard on all(?) new cars.

A: Lisa got it. If you're are lucky, there might be a fuse labeled, DRL, "day time running-lamp". Pull that.

My Dodge Sprinter Van has a fuse for each side...My SAAB has no Fuse. My Chevy Venture has one fuse for both sides.

Q: How do i take the steering wheel off my 1995 ford taurus?
My taurus is legendary. Its been through a hell of a lot. Ive had alot of good times in it. But with 204K miles on it, i dont know when its day is coming to an end so when it does happen i want someting to remember it by, so i thought the steering wheel. How do i take it off? If you have any suggestions of what else i should take off it.

A: I suggest a good manual it does have a airbag so know what you are doing are you could get hurt. You will need a puller but they are not that much.